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Air Conditioning

Aircons are perfect for any home or business to keep your cool or warm. We specialize in complete solutions where we design each package based on your needs, space and budget. Unlike other companies we are also there to maintain and service your aircon allowing healthy clean air 24/7/365

All about Aircons

Aircons are one of our major specialties where we have over 20 years of Providing, Installing, Servicing, and Repairing multiple brands and types of aircons. We are accredited with Samsung, Alliance, and Jet Air.

Many people don't know how important servicing your aircon is on a scheduled service to ensure a clean healthy air environment for you and your family or employees. Below is what is involved in our extensive service of Aircons.

AIRCON service includes the following :

- Clean coil of Indoor unit
- Clean Air-Filters of Indoor unit.
- Clean Barrel Fan.
- Clean out water drip trays from sludge build up.
- Clean outdoor unit coils
- Check gas levels and top up gas if required.
- General check of complete functionality and report on issues found.

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