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Our Expertise

  • New Installations 

  • Maintenance

  • Repairs and Replacements 

  • Geyser/Pool pumps

  • New Installations 

  • Maintenance

  • Repairs and Replacements 

  • Full office Sanitation 

  • Full office Fumigation 

  • Pest Control

Our Services

We do full air conditioning services that are turn key solutions that include New installations however every aircon has to be serviced and that is where we also service any aircon big or small as it is a must for any business. We also do Repairs for most aircons.

Heat pumps can be done for your Geyser or Pool and you will be able to customize what temperature you would like the water from your taps to come out or you can control the temperature of the water of your pool for your luxury. 

Pushing Button On Remote Control

All companies need to bare in mind that COVID19 is still lurking around in our surfaces and air. Fumigating your office can sometimes come unexpected and we are here to take care of it in a short time avoiding you down time at your office.

Solar/ Back up Power

Solar and back-up power solutions has become a need for any home or business. With stage 8 load shedding coming closer and closer, we are forced to invest in a solar or non solar backup solution.

Other Services

 Electrical, Painting, built in cupboards, Plumbing, Tiling, Waterproofing.

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