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Heat Pumps

Standard electric geysers are wasteful, using large amounts of energy to heat water. Heat pump water heaters use less energy to heat the same amount of water by transferring heat instead of creating it. You can reduce energy consumption by up to 60% compared to standard electric. These heat pumps will be able to heat your tap water or even your pool for your luxury.

All about Heat Pumps

Heat Pumps are another one of our major specialties where we have over 20 years of Providing, Installing, Servicing, and Repairing all kind of heat pumps. We are exclusively accredited with ITS Heat Pumps.  

Many people don't know what a heat pump is used for and the answer to that is a heat pump will be able to deliver you hot water to your taps however a heat pump can also used to heat up your water in your pool and you will be able to adjust the temperature to your liking. 


Heat Pumps are not just used for your convenience and luxury but heat pumps are proven to be between 66-75% more efficient than a normal geyser. This will mean savings on your electricity bill but will also mean that you will be contributing to a eco friendly environment that the entire world is now shifting to. 


JIL Technology will be able to attain, install and maintain your heat pump solution. JIL Technology will assess what you specifically need and will design your package based on your requirements and budget.  

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